Areas of Specialization

Learn more about the services and products RE/MAX Commercial Brokers provide to clients around the globe.

Commercial Investments

RE/MAX Commercial Brokers adeptly represent all aspects of commercial investments, for both acquisitions and dispositions. They work with not only large investment groups and REITS, but also small or intermediate-level investment professionals. As members of a global real estate network with comprehensive investment and business asset resources, RE/MAX Commercial Brokers offer professional market knowledge on local market data, financing and investment strategies.

RE/MAX Commercial Brokers understand business, investments, client satisfaction and the sense of urgency in today's business environment.

Acquisition / Buyers

RE/MAX Commercial Brokers around the world represent individual buyers, investment professionals, institutional clients and municipalities. They have specialized local market knowledge and access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date data, economic forecasts and trends. RE/MAX Commercial Brokers likely have offices in your immediate market, plus direct connections to RE/MAX offices and expert Brokers worldwide.

The commercial acquisition process can be complex and fraught with challenges from the beginning. It is difficult to identify qualified properties, manage the transaction and successfully close. Your RE/MAX Commercial Broker is qualified to handle deal structure, due diligence, financial underwriting and transactional processing, which are all critical elements of the acquisition process.

Disposition / Sellers

Effectively selling commercial properties in today's market environment poses significant challenges. RE/MAX Commercial Brokers have the skills, knowledge and resources to overcome these challenges and maximize the equity in their clients' properties.

RE/MAX Commercial Brokers' access to global marketing services offers them local expertise in the valuation of commercial property. They are supremely prepared and qualified to handle the sale of your business or property. RE/MAX Commercial Brokers also have the best online and offline resources to provide your properties the broadest exposure to potential buyers.

Leasing: Tenant Representation

If your business is outgrowing its current space, a RE/MAX Commercial Broker is your ideal partner for locating space, negotiating the most effective lease rate, and assisting in the strategic planning of your operation expansion.

Your RE/MAX Commercial Broker will assist with every stage in the relocation process, from site consulting and leasing or subletting to strategic planning and asset management. Backed by a successful global network, a RE/MAX Commercial Broker is the best choice to represent you as a tenant.

Leasing: Landlord Representation

RE/MAX Commercial Brokers are ideal partners for lease reviews, restructuring and client negotiations. They use the best tools, online and offline, to give your property the broadest exposure possible. On your behalf, your RE/MAX Commercial Broker will conduct thorough searches to aggressively prospect, locate and qualify the best tenants, and then negotiate leasing agreements with the highest rates of return. Your RE/MAX Commercial Broker will also secure tenants to fill your vacant spaces to maximum occupancy levels. Backed by the most recognized global brand in real estate, RE/MAX Commercial Broker can maximize your property exposure and assist with every step of the leasing process.

Corporate Advisory

RE/MAX Commercial Broker are the ideal partners for corporate real estate directors, guiding the process through feasibility studies, site selections, leasing services and acquisition strategies. They're armed with the latest and best industry data, along with the highest-ranked technology services to assist in valuation, assessments and analysis of real property and assets.

RE/MAX Commercial Brokers are readily available and prepared to respond to your unique needs, helping you cut through the red tape of corporate bureaucracy.


RE/MAX Commercial Brokers are leaders in the industry in development advisory and consulting. They assist in every step of the development process, from strategic site acquisition, to build-to-suit and design build development, to compulsory purchases and leasing or dispositions, for small scale to big box to global development.

With a thorough understanding of local markets, paired with an unmatched global network of Brokers with specific and exclusive areas of expertise, a RE/MAX Commercial Broker can maximize your business investments and development practices throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Middle East, and beyond.

Property Management

RE/MAX Commercial Brokers provide across-the-board services for property management. They handle financial services such as reporting, rent collection and budget management, and coordinate scheduling repairs, maintenance and inspections. You can rest easy while maximizing profits with a RE/MAX Commercial Broker on your team.

RE/MAX Commercial Brokers offer high-quality creative solutions, flexibility in operations, and a dedication to client care and service. You can find a dedicated and accessible commercial Broker who's happy to assist you with all of your property management needs in virtually any market.

Consulting and Advisory Services

RE/MAX Commercial Brokers are part of the world's most productive real estate network, with the latest and best tools to assist you in achieving your business goals. They serve as ideal project managers, facilities managers and consultants. Through your RE/MAX Commercial Broker, you tap into a vast pool of research, market analytics, metrics and data that can help you leverage your business assets into global business growth. Those are just a few of many benefits of working with RE/MAX Commercial.

RE/MAX Commercial Brokers provide office owners with strategic options guidance and specialized counsel, and are key advisors for a wide range of consulting services.


RE/MAX Commercial Brokers understand Multi Family Investments. They have specific product expertise and local market knowledge that operates on the latest and best research. They're savvy professionals who can help you in any situation, whether you're just beginning to build your multifamily portfolio, or you're a seasoned investor looking to add more aggressive products to your investments. There's no better option than working with a RE/MAX Commercial Broker.
RE/MAX Commercial Brokers use their local market knowledge and extraordinary client service to match the perfect office facility to your business objectives. Whether it's a multi-tenant space in Miami or a high-rise in Dallas, a stand-alone office condo or a 200,000 square foot campus, RE/MAX Commercial Brokers understand your unique business needs.

RE/MAX Commercial Brokers will negotiate on your behalf for the most effective lease contracts or purchase agreements. They have the top-notch expertise and data on hand to verify and validate the market analytics to help guide your office transaction. Rest assured that you're in good hands when you work with a RE/MAX Commercial Broker.

Retail keeps the wheels of the economy turning, and nobody understands that more than your local RE/MAX Commercial Broker. These market experts achieve the highest rates of client satisfaction in the retail industry, from investing to leasing to owner/user purchasing. Your RE/MAX Commercial Broker truly has the pulse of your local market, and is able to leverage and add the strongest value to your retail location or investment portfolio.

Whether representing specific or multiple markets, RE/MAX Commercial Brokers operate under the most productive real estate brand meeting every client's unique needs. No request is too large or complex. RE/MAX Commercial Brokers consistently outperform competitors in volume and client satisfaction, making your retail business not just a storefront, but also a real driver in your market.


It takes great attention to detail and a keen business sense to understand industrial real estate and related business processes, and RE/MAX Commercial Brokers get it. Taking into account the unique facets of industrial – R&D, manufacturing, warehouse, distribution and assembly – RE/MAX Commercial Brokers are able to find and negotiate the best value for industrial acquisitions. They can handle all the various industrial and warehouse needs for private industry, municipalities and government services.

Whatever you're looking for, RE/MAX Commercial Brokers offer an extraordinary level of client service and satisfaction. To maximize your place in the global supply chain, use a RE/MAX Commercial Broker. With the best research and metrics, combined with a true understanding of your business needs, RE/MAX Commercial Brokers are prepared to handle any Industrial transaction.


If you're building your business or investment portfolio from the ground up, you can count on RE/MAX Commercial Brokers to anticipate your unique lots and land needs. RE/MAX Commercial Brokers understand the best and latest research on your local marketplace. Paired with the most successful global network of real estate agents, RE/MAX Commercial Brokers can truly get your business off the ground and running. Client satisfaction is the highest priority, and nobody understands that more than a RE/MAX Commercial Broker.

Land investments are some of the most important decisions you will make in building your business — and the first, best decision is adding a RE/MAX Commercial Broker to your team. They have the tools, knowledge and skills to raise your business to new heights.

Business Brokerage

The purchase or sale of a business requires specialized knowledge and expertise that goes well beyond traditional Brokerage. RE/MAX Commercial Brokers have the skills and experience to offer business Brokerage, covering everything from the sale of a single laundromat to a complex multi-location business asset transaction.

This group of experienced business Brokers can assist in conducting complex financial analysis, including the dissection of P&L's and balance sheets. Working with attorneys and financial planners, these RE/MAX Commercial Brokers serve a critical role on your team.


Brokers thoroughly understand the hospitality industry and its unique needs. These local expert Brokers specialize in the acquisition and disposition of hospitality assets, including hotels, motels and other unique lodging businesses. Armed with current research, relevant data and metric analytics, your RE/MAX Commercial Broker will maximize your investment in the hospitality industry.

Frequent areas of expertise include: global investment capital, portfolio acquisition and disposition, and local industry trend forecasting.

There are great opportunities for profitable investments in distressed or bank-owned properties, but you need a top-notch, local expert on your side. Whether you're seeking an acquisition or possibly a safe exit strategy, a RE/MAX Commercial Broker can help maximize your investment and retain more of your business assets. Contact a RE/MAX Commercial Broker today to take advantage of the unique and timely opportunities in distressed assets.